ASSOCHAM 16th International education leadership & skill development summit 2023

ASSOCHAM 16th International education leadership & skill development summit 2023


  1. Education and social values: ISB&M prioritizes creating a positive and inclusive learning environment where students gain knowledge in business analysis, develop skills and tools, and engage in intellectual development through critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. We emphasize imparting values such as respect, integrity, empathy, and responsibility to all members of the educational and corporate community. Our student-driven curriculum fosters personal and professional growth and courses such as Business Law and Ethics, Organizational design and leadership, Responsible and sustainable marketing, and Corporate Social Responsibility help instill these values in students. For more information, please visit our website:


  1. Environment ethos: ISB&M promotes environmental ethos by implementing a range of practices that support sustainability and protect the environment. These practices include energy conservation, waste reduction, sustainable transportation, sustainable food practices, sustainable landscaping, and environmental education. By incorporating these practices into the curriculum, workshops, and culture of the institute, ISB&M promotes a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability among students, faculty, and staff.




3.  Digitisation:  The institute is committed to leverage digital technologies for students, faculties and staff. Recently a new learning management system has been approached by the institute to digitize education pedagogy, learning system, assessments, monitoring and evaluation of leaves and absences of students, faculties and staff. Overall ERP systems to enhance teaching and learning environments also provide students  with early joining or summer internship programs with flexible and accessible learning opportunities, and create a more engaging and personalized learning experience. ISB&M campus is equipped with 24/7 WiFi access, computer labs, and a digital library with over 10,000 journals. The library offers e-services like Current Awareness Services, OPAC, EBSCO Database Access, Current Content, and InterLibrary Loan. The library uses Autolib Library Software. The IT department ensures system security, software updates, and UTM firewall. Laptops and Windows systems are regularly updated. Smart classrooms with project screens and desktops provide a digitized learning experience. The institute has conference and seminar rooms with up-to-date technology for corporate guests, faculty, and student meetings and presentations. Google workspace for education and Zoom are available for virtual learning. 


4. New Education Policy: ISB&M aligns with NEP 2020's focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, industry-academia collaboration, multidisciplinary learning, and continuous learning and professional development. The policy aims to develop well-rounded, creative individuals with character, ethical and constitutional values, and the ability to excel in a range of disciplines. To implement NEP, ISB&M has developed an action plan to achieve multidisciplinary and holistic education through interaction with faculty, workshops on MOOC and Moodle, industry collaboration, and interaction with experts. The plan also focuses on motivated and capable faculty through teacher exchange programs, FDPs, and guidelines for collaborative research. Technology use and integration is also a focus area, with plans to create awareness of SWAYAM platforms, conduct training workshops, develop digital frameworks, and train teachers and students in digital skills. Finally, the plan emphasizes equity and inclusion by developing a system for training digital skills to teachers and students with specific disabilities.


5. Social well being: The institute conducts internal fitness camp beside conducting fitness evening classes for faculty and staff every evening 7 pm. Also  blood donation drives, physical exercise, mentoring for individual students to cope with academic challenges are given by assorted faculties. There is inhouse doctor, first aid and wheelchair available besides, a 24x7 ambulance is available on campus all the time. There is a tie up with Ivy Hospital, Mulshi for availing treatment for  all faculty staff and students. Also health insurance is given to all beneficiaries as a social security measure.



6. Lifelong Learning:


ISB&M offers various lifelong learning opportunities such as workshops, seminars, webinars, and online courses to support professional development. Mentorship programs help students stay updated and faculty development training encourages research. We've conducted a Management Development Program with guest lectures from accomplished executives. Our focus is on MNCs and top Indian companies providing students with a comprehensive learning experience. Career building requires peer-to-peer learning opportunities through the student cell and placements team. Our e-learning platforms, including Google Workspace, shared drives by faculty, and library resource management team, provide flexible and accessible learning anytime and anywhere. We offer professional development programs during the sixth and first trimesters, catering to management, faculty, and students' specific needs. Our flipped classroom model promotes inquisitive learning and active participation.


7. Placements: ISB&M has consistently been known for its rewarding and professionally meaningful campus placements since its inception, as evidenced by the 100% placement of the final placement batch 2021-23 with an average CTC ranging from 10.8 to 12 lacs. Over 160 companies visited the campus for recruiting, with the highest offer being 20.56 Lacs. The students were offered profiles in domains such as Marketing, Consulting, Finance, Supply Chain, Analytics, and General Management, with major brands like Optum, TresVista, Hewlett-Packard, Sutherland Global, Schlumberger, Trinamix, FIS, Schneider Electric, Avata, British Telecom (BT), The Adecco Group, Deloitte Taxation, Deloitte Consulting, Korn Ferry, APTIV, PwC, GEP Worldwide, Wipro Signify (Philips Lighting), AstraZeneca, Trident Group, TCS, and Dun & Bradstreet recruiting at ISB&M.


ISB&M alumni are in high demand, with 90% of them being a part of the world's best employers, which include companies like Google, Apple, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, PwC, Deloitte, Microsoft, KPMG, L'Oréal, Amazon, Adidas, Procter & Gamble, BMW Group, Nike, Bain & Co, Mckinsey & Company, JP Morgan, Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley, Coca –Cola, Unilever, and many more across 23 countries in leadership roles such as Director-HR, Sr. Vice President, Vice President, Director-Marketing. Over 10,000+ alumni are working with top Indian and MNCs in senior positions like Director-HR, Sr. Vice President, Vice President, Director-Marketing across the world.


8. Leadership: ISB&M's NSS unit organizes community-based programs to promote social responsibility and community engagement. These include tree plantation, blood donation camps, and Swacch Bharat. The unit's activities aim to raise awareness about social responsibility and create a sense of community among students. The institute also conducts sensitization programs in partnership with local governance to promote social awareness and encourage responsible citizenship. The NSS unit emphasizes voluntary work and the link between the campus and the community through contributions to areas such as mass literacy, environment preservation, and disaster management. The NSS activities promote social responsibility, community engagement, and holistic development among students.




At our institute students have a policy of open communication and access to their academic advisors and counselors, which is based on the traditional Indian educational system of guru-shishya parampara. This means that students can discuss any subject openly and receive guidance from their teachers, who serve as mentors or guides. Additionally, there is no hierarchical structure at the institute, so communication is clear and accessible to all, including the top stakeholders. This creates a professional environment in which everyone is a colleague, regardless of their position or role. The diversity of the student body, which includes individuals from different regions, religions, and genders, prepares them to work in any environment.


10. Intergenerational learning:ISB&M offers programs and initiatives to support student development, such as alumni connect and corporate talks through Edvantage events. Students can participate in workshops led by alumni in various academic domains. Intra-generational learning is promoted through 17 different student representative cells that bring together students with similar interests or career goals. Interdisciplinary learning is fostered through a variety of electives and dual specialization programs in technology, engineering, commerce, and communication. These programs aim to promote cross-cultural learning and ground students in the core functionality of their chosen domain or area of interest.


11. Industry connect: ISB&M has a rich history of 23 years and has established strong ties with top global companies and Indian corporates. We offer guest lectures by highly accomplished executives, with a primary focus on MNCs and top Indian companies. This provides students with valuable insights into the world of executive talent, career planning, and the opportunity to learn from experienced role models. Developing a successful career requires a strategic and well-planned approach, and our institution is dedicated to teaching students about this crucial aspect. Every year, we welcome over 150+ corporate visitors, including VPs and Directors from both MNCs and large Indian companies. As a member of the Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia, we are affiliated with the MCCIA-Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture Pune, the IAO Accreditation, EPSI-Education Promotion Society for India, AIMS-Association of Indian Management Schools, and hold a life membership with AISHE-All India Survey on Higher Education.


12. Knowledge Exponent: 


At ISB&M, we aim to provide world-class education to our faculty and students, and recognize the importance of disseminating knowledge and promoting research. This is achieved through internal faculty training and research symposiums, as well as mentoring of dissertation writing by faculty. The university library plays a critical role in this process, offering access to a wide range of resources and services to support teaching, learning, and research. 


Our entrepreneurship cell, or E-cell, provides support to smart business ideas through mentorship and research and innovation incubation. We have successfully launched two projects, Black Orange Talent Pvt. Ltd. and Life Hard Din. Life Har Din is an online and offline retail supermarket, and we are a rapidly growing startup with employees wearing multiple hats across departments. And Black Orange is dedicated to fostering a love of technology in children and has partnered with esteemed institutions to offer learn-to-code programs for kids aged 3-14. They equip young minds with necessary technology-based skills for success in the digital world. 


The ISB&M library provides resources and support for academic and professional pursuits. It is dedicated to cultivating reading habits and promoting learning by providing access to a wide range of print and digital resources. In addition to its focus on instruction and research, the library serves as a management resource, providing access to a diverse collection of materials.


PS: Check our library website to know more


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