Dr. Shraddha Kulkarni

A Pre-Step to Fruitful PGDM Program for Students

ISB&M welcomes students from all parts of India and provides a conducive environment for each student to develop themselves into working professionals. However, it is always a good idea for students to be proactive and utilise their time between graduation result and joining PGDM program in the best possible manner. Students can take up certain measures and work on themselves in the following manner, so that they can be easily adjusted to the environment and stand out from day one. 

1. Honing Communication Skills

Many students start working on their language skills, proficiency or public speaking when they join a professional course. Though, it is a good thing, students still can prepare themselves for these skills, even before being a part of PGDM. Active listening is a very important aspect of learning language. English, being a foreign language, many students are hesitant to communicate well or struggle to form sentences or sound uncomfortable while conversing. To hone the language skills, students can work on English vocabulary, grammar and reading. This will help them to be technically correct. To hone the communication skills, students can work on overcoming barriers such as not able to manage emotions or stress while communicating; listening to reply instead of listening to understand; not actively participating in discussion due to language barrier, etc. However, the key to be a good speaker is to practice, practice and practice. The students also need to study the topic they want to speak about. The easiest way to do so is to keep on reading latest news, current happening, trending phenomenon. Students also have to focus on the body language and non-verbal communication as it plays an important role in communicating effectively.

2. Technical Skills

Students can also work on their basic understanding of the commonly used tools in the studies before they join PGDM program. Students can learn the basics of word, power point and excel. This will help them to understand and work efficiently on these tools during PGDM. Students also need to know about the Web 3.0 and the use of social media for professional development, such as having an account on LinkedIn.

3. Basic Etiquette

Before joining any professional program, the students need to focus on certain basic etiquette such as punctuality, sincerity, self-discipline, focus, good ethics and team work. PGDM students are adult and expected to possess these skills already as most of them would be stepping into their professional life directly after completing the program. The students also need to have mental agility, emotional stability, capability to deal with pressure and willingness to go extra miles.

All these skills can be an added advantage to make the most of the time during PGDM. This Pre-Step will help students and to be the first choice of the recruiter when it comes to placement, along with all the plethora of skills and knowledge they will be gaining during the program.

Dr. Shraddha Kulkarni

Faculty – ISB&M

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