The Other Square!!

16th June was the day when I stepped out of the comforts of my home for the first time, ready to explore the opportunities that ISB&M had to offer me. Yes this very place is going to be my second home-the other square for the next two years where I’ll make a lot of memories so that I can cherish them in years to come.

Life@ ISB&M has been busy, thrilling and filled with fun activities. It all started with the induction ceremony with hundreds of unknown faces trying to find some familiarity based on language, culture or educational backgrounds. Little did we realize that over the next few days these unfamiliar faces will be no longer be unfamiliar and this batch will forever be a part of this magnanimous ISB&M family.

Time is short and fleeting. I mourned the quick passage of time when I realised that I had already completed 45 days of college life at ISB&M. My days in this college are numbered. I have lots to achieve and prove myself eligible to the corporate world.

Amidst the busy schedule came the first break in the form of FORZA, the foundation day celebration of the institute. My first brush with popularity was paved by the photography competition organised by FORZA and I will remain forever grateful to the institute for honouring me with the first prize.

My second achievement was when I clinched the Runners Up position in the case study competition organized by RentOne amidst 600 teams from top institutions of the country. I will be forever thankful to the institute for providing me such opportunities. The best thing about ISB&M is that the institute allows you to pursue your passion and follow your heart. My faculties have been always accessible and forever helpful. This back to back success has boosted my morale and has motivated me to perform even better so that I can bring more laurels both for myself as well the institute. I seek to learn, grow, question, challenge at every opportunity given to me.

For all the future aspirants who dreams to be a part of this haloed institution remember that you will definitely require the institute’s name for your career growth for the first 10 years but once you achieve you goals don’t forget to use your name to promote the institute. No matter how much you do you will never be able compensate for what the institute will do for you. Nostalgic- that’s what each alumni becomes every time they step into this institute.

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